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Herbal Formula Replaces Conventional Medicine For Diabetics
 by: Robin Roberts

Diabetes has afflicted my life physically, emotionally and spiritually for the last sixteen years of my life. My wife of twelve years and daughter has had to live with an abnormal functioning husband and father. As the years went by as a diabetic, it became more and more difficult to control my blood sugar levels. My diet had to consist of a lot of calories because I have a fast metabolism and twenty pounds underweight. The increasing periods of uncontrolled blood sugar interfered with my thought processes at work and especially with my family.

The most detrimental effect of high blood sugar happened when I had to be hospitalized during the birth of my only daughter. My wife was hurt because it appeared that I purposely used the excuse of diabetes to not want to be with her for my daughter’s birth. It seemed I could never get close to anyone because I was living in a world of dysfunctional blood sugar all the time. I woke up in the morning with high blood sugar and grouchy. During the day it was a guessing game to keep my blood sugar at a normal level. I was always just getting by with life and never fully enjoying anything, not even a close relationship with God.

As the years went by, I became desperate and would buy a lot of products to help me try to manage my disease with no results. I could not afford health insurance and Doctor’s visits. This would always get me into trouble with my wife because we would fight about me not trusting God for the answer and wasting money. The people that would sell me products were out to take my money and take up too much of my personal time which took me away from my family.

One late evening after work, I vented my frustrations on a forum for diabetics. A response came back from Dr. Joseph Khoo from Singapore. Dr. Khoo approached me as a brother in Christ and offered me an herbal formula called Combetic on the honor system. I began taking Combetic with Dr. Khoo calling me on the phone everyday to make sure I was safely controlling my blood sugar. Having a new friend caring about me meant more to me than the remedy of my condition. After three days on Combetic, we had results and my hope grew by each passing week. I continued to decrease my insulin and I became an easier husband and father to live with. I could think better and I felt as though a fog had lifted off of me. My wife and I thanked God she had a husband to love. Dr. Khoo needed distributors for Combetic so we agreed to help as a team. Dr. Khoo visited us a few months later and we formed a corporation to market Combetic called Third Day Resources. We are now a growing team to help diabetics get freedom from the imprisonment diabetes causes. Diabetics can now go to: to get informed about diabetes and order Combetic. Dr. Khoo and professional staff offers free consultation in order to provide safe effective advice for every diabetic needing freedom from the “prison” of high blood sugar so they can get back to their lives and their families.


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