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Learn About The Latest Trends In Cosmetics Now
 by: Bridget Allen

The days of bright blue eye shadow and slathered on blush are gone with the wind! If you are in desperate need of a make up freshen up, consider these hot trends in cosmetics. These latest colors, tips, and techniques are just what anyone needs to update a look or make the change into a new season. Remember that your cosmetics do have an expiration date, so keep this in mind when shopping for new make up. With each season, carefully look through your make up kit and discard any items that are outdated. This is critical, especially with eye make up that can expire and potentially cause painful infections. Also, remember not to share your make up with anyone else to prevent spread of germs and infection.

Today’s latest trends in cosmetics reflect the fashion trends—shimmer and shine! From super glossy lip gloss to candy like eye make up with glitter to make your eyes truly pop. This trend only applies to eyes, lips, and nails, however, since cream and matte finishes is hot for foundations, powders, and blush. In addition to shimmer and shine, the color of eye and lip make up is quite subtle. Gone are the vibrant colors and eye popping shades of eye shadow. Instead, pale browns, ivories, grays, tans, and other natural colors are all the rage. Lip shades are also a bit more subdued, with a nude lip or a sheer pink gloss being incredibly hot.

Lipstick is out today, with lip gloss taking over the first place in purses all over the country. These lip glosses are made in every color under the sun and many mimic the appearance of lipstick with a much smoother and glossier look. For individuals looking to care for their lips and enjoy that terrific nude lip look, consider using a simple hydrating stick. The all natural brand, Bert’s Bees, produces a phenomenal product that can be applied under a gloss or used by itself.

The days of pressed powder may be numbered; as today’s hot products include cream powders that go on thick but dries sheer and ultra light. This option is great for individuals who would like a bit more coverage than pressed powder offers, but do not want to deal with the mess and hassle of using foundation. Another popular trend along this line is the cream blush, which also goes on like a cream but dries a powder. Also, cream blushes prevent that unnatural coloring that appears on many women’s cheeks.

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