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Flattering Styles For Women With Curves
 by: Her Plus Life

Are you one of those fabulous women that has curves, and you would like to know a fun way of showing them off? There are several ways to make your figure look the way that you want. It is all in the manner that you carry yourself. Being confident and following a few basic rules on how to dress will make you look like the woman you want to be.

The first rule is to go out and buy the correct size bra. A good bra will make your outfits look the way that they should. Having curves is a wonderful thing to have, but you need to know how to make them fit right with your clothing style. It is amazing what a great bra can do for your figure.

The second rule is buying clothes that are the right size for you. So, go ahead and throw away all those clothes that are too baggy on you. Say hello to a more fun, alive figure. Stop hiding it. Wearing sizes too big or small for your body frame will only accentuate your weight, and not your lovely curves. You do not want to wear shapeless styles. Try wearing semi-fitted separates. It will make you look taller and thinner, and make it look like you have a more sculpted waist. Wear tops that just skim your waist and hips. Jackets should be worn just to the length of your fingertips. As for your bottoms, select clothes that tend to taper downwards. It will look better than other styles. Skirts will look good if they are not too high. If you can sit in your skirt without it ridding up on you, then you are all set. Shift dresses are great especially with a round neckline. It will even out your proportions wonderfully.

The third rule is not to wear anything that is too bold, and that calls extra attention to yourself. That means no super bold prints, no big patch pockets, no oversized buttons or bows, and no horizontal patterns. You want to wear a nice crisp line of color, and then accessorize with just a few simple accessories such as jewelry or a scarf. Sometimes even just wearing one solid color all over is great look. It will add height to your frame, and shrink your width.

The last rule is very easy. You should buy the best quality that you can afford. Quality fabrics can make all the difference in how you look. Fine fabrics look better than stiff fabrics that can add inches onto your body. In addition, well-made clothes will hold their shape better. Better shape will improve your shape too. If you follow all these rules, you will look and feel better. So go out, and let your light shine. Better clothes, for a better you!

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